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Smoking & Vaping

Are you ready and committed to stopping smoking or vaping? 

Because If you are absolutely committed to stopping smoking then I am  absolutely committed to helping you to stop.

I offer a 1 hour stop smoking/vaping session this does the job.  

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Each stop smoking hypnosis session is individually tailored to fit your personal needs and will address the following:

  • The reasons why you smoke and your trigger times.

  • Removal of withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, stress and mood swings.

  • Ensures that you don’t replace cigarettes for food so you won't get any weight gain.

  • How you can be around smokers, so you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in their company.

After the stop smoking hypnosis session you will be entitled to FREE unlimited backup until you stop. Unlike many therapists, Helen is one of only a few Hypnotherapists in the country to offer free backup support with no time limit . 

Helen’s highly successful stop smoking package is effective with both heavy and occasional smokers whether it is cigarettes, cigars or pipe, e-cigarettes or vaping. 

No willpower is required to stop smoking with hypnosis. All that’s required is that YOU want to stop. 

  • Stopped smoking cigarettes & tobacco but started to vape instead.

  • Now more addicted to vaping than you were from smoking and use the vape far more.

  • Tired of being dependent on vaping.

Hypnotherapy is now recognised as the most successful way to go Stop Vaping or Using E- Cigarettes. Contact Helen today and free yourself from:

  • Being controlled by the need to vape.

  • Planning your day so you can vape.

  • Worrying whether you have enough vape liquid left.

  • Stressing about what vaping is doing to your health.

Ready to be a non-vaper? Book the stop vaping package now with Helen James Hypnotherapy for just £240 and receive the following:

  • A one-hour hypnotherapy session, with free back up sessions if required, which will be tailored to your individual needs, covering items such as:

    • Irritability

    • Vaping and alcohol

    • Weight gain

    • Being around vapers & smokers

    • Relapse prevention

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