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Teenager with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This is part of an email that I was given permission to use as a testimonial. 

 'She started sleeping better and having fewer nightmares and was waking up earlier and had more energy. She then felt like eating healthier and has since gone from strength to strength. If she has had an occasional down day she has been able to bounce back from it.' 

Teenager with OCD

"My daughter, aged 13, came to see Emma with OCD symptoms. Through listening to my daughter and teaching her relaxation techniques and coping strategies, Emma has been a great support and we have noticed a huge difference in our daughter. She has made amazing progress over just a few months and I cannot recommend Emma enough as a therapist." 
TB, Worle


"Thank you for your help this evening. I went straight away and drove up to Portishead and back again. I had a slight tummy flutter as I was approaching the drive back to Clevedon, but my head stayed clear and I drove without any anxiety. Thanks again I will be sure to recommend you."
GB, Clevedon

"Thanks to Emma I am well on my way to overcoming my lifelong phobia of spiders. I found the therapy enlightening and empowering and would thoroughly recommend it."
SM, Clevedon

Anxiety and Weight Management

"After suffering with health issues, I found myself very anxious and agoraphobic. With hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, Emma has not only helped me to feel confident about going out, but has made me feel much more positive about moving to a new city to re-join my university course - something that was previously very daunting to me. After just the first session I felt an improvement, which continued to increase throughout our sessions. I would definitely recommend her!"
AH, Nailsea

 Thank you so much for your email, and also for our session. I am delighted to say, nearly one week on, and it’s going really well. In fact, I’ve not had a glass of wine since we met :) and the snacking is well in check. I’ve implemented the techniques we discussed, and it’s working wonders, and i’m not even missing the chocolates and the wine. Long may it last!  CB, Bristol


"I found my session with Emma helpful and relaxing, the CD is useful to practise relaxation strategies and I hope it will help me with the birth and beyond!"
EW, Bristol

This is very very long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for some of the things you taught me back in 2013 when my eldest (R) was born.  I was pregnant last year with our second (J) and had some very sore ribs and consequent sleepless nights in the last few months of pregnancy.  I often listened to your CD in the early hours and it massively helped to relax me and help me to drift off to sleep/doze.  It also helped during labour (relatively normal, though induced) and birth - and all went well - no intervention, not much pain, a health baby and discharge the following morning.

"I found Emma's Hypnotherapy hugely beneficial, particularly dealing with feelings of anxiety and stress. The breathing techniques and coping strategies are something I use and refer to on a daily basis and have really helped in my day to day life."
RN, Bristol

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