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The Fertile Body Method

Are you struggling with fertility issues?

And have you been considering talking with a hypnotherapist?

Many people struggle with their thoughts and feelings when pregnancy doesn't occur quickly and naturally, below are a few things that have been said to me about how they feel.

  • 'What is wrong with my body?'

  • 'I feel that my body has let me down'

  • ' I feel intensely jealous of friends who are pregnant'

  • ' I'm over 35 and on a cliff edge'

  • 'I have stopped going out to social occasions because I cry a lot'

These thoughts can create strong emotions in the body.

It is quite normal to think this way but it is not helpful.

I have worked with many women and men who have felt stuck and isolated by feeling this way.

If you decide that hypnotherapy would be helpful for you, drop me an email and we can arrange an appointment.

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