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The challenge of Exam Stress

I have recently experienced a rise in contact from worried parents looking for help with their children/adolescence who are finding it difficult to deal with stress leading up to their exams.

It is no wonder that students start to feel threatened by exams because exams have been built up to mean that their failure to achieve will affect the rest of their lives ... it is in effect a serious threat to their future life.

So, is it about time we started looking at this differently?

A study from America has concluded that for many students thinking about stress differently can affect their ability to do well in their exams.

The researchers concluded that if students believe stress can be a helpful response it can change their experience of exams and their outcomes.

Changing your Exam Mindset from 'threat to challenge' could help to make a big difference.

Get in touch if you would like help with your Exam Mindset.

Please note that Exam Stress is usually a short term experience.

If you have been struggling with stress consistently for a while you should seek advice from your GP

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