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Language Matters

And certain people know it!

I learned how much language matters when I trained in *NLP in the early 2000's.

It was a fascinating course. It taught me many great therapeutic techniques which were aimed at helping people who have been traumatized, have debilitating phobias or are stuck in a high emotional state. NLP is a great toolbox to help clients bring about the changes that they want.

Unfortunately, it is also a great toolbox for those who would use it for manipulation. I have no doubt that these techniques are used by some Movements/Mainstream Media/Governments/Politicians to climb the 'greasy pole' and create division, negativity and fear.

How Does the Government Use NLP to Manipulate People – Sublime Spark

NLP to me is an art-form (which I am still working at!) ... and when it is used to help others ethically, it is a fantastic tool.

If you want to know more about NLP, I have added a couple of sites below.

The founders of NLP.

Dr. Richard Bandler - Official Website

Dr. John Grinder's Official Website

*NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Another really interesting article about the use of language is:

Human Givens Blog: HG Library: Struggling for meaning

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