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Relaxation for Pregnancy

It has been a tough time for pregnant women with Covid. Pregnancy and birth have been very different experiences for mothers and fathers. And just when we seemed to be getting 'a bit of normal back' it seems that cases are on the rise again. Hopefully it will calm down over the next few weeks and we can see the end of summer out on a high!

In preparation for autumn and retaining a positive outlook I have decided to put this offering out.

I am running a 4 week course for Pregnancy Relaxation in September. The course is weekly and is being held at Butcombe Village Hall

(which is a very nice). It is clean and has a new modern kitchen and plenty of toilets! It also follows Covid safety guidelines.

The course will include relaxation/guided imagery/hypnosis, breathing techniques and other tips and techniques for relaxation. You will have access to a group where you can download recordings to listen to at home.

If you have any questions please get in touch and if you would like to book you will find the details under services.

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