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Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD),is a disorder that is characterised by the idea that an aspect of one's own body or appearance is  flawed and so therefore needs to be fixed or hidden. 

 If the flaw is actual, its importance can be severely exaggerated. 

 Thoughts can become pervasive and intrusive. This may cause the sufferer to focus on their 'flaw' for several hours a day which can cause severe distress. Impacting  on their ability to function in everyday life. 


  • BDD usually occurs during adolescence.

  • It is estimated to affect from 0.7% to 2.4% of the population.

  • It affects both men and women.

  • Often people can have unusual routines so that they can avoid social exposure.


Clinical hypnotherapy for body dysmorhic disorder | The BMJ

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