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Why are so many children and adolescents struggling with poor mental health?

What has changed in our society that is perpetuating this dreadful explosion of confused and fearful children?

Social Media? Internet access to harmful media? Lack of exercise? Highly available junk foods?

Ask your children 'What's been good today?'

Get them to list as many good things as they can.

Teach your children how to think so that someone else doesn't.

Limit young children's access to social media and phones

Make sure that you have parental locks on your internet access. 

Make sure that your children exercise regularly

Encourage a sleep routine early on

Teach them how to cook and eat healthily

Anxiety about going to school causes them to want to avoid school.

This seems to be a growing issue.

If you are struggling to help your child here are some helpful tips. 

Sleep, diet and exercise are three really important areas where changes can be made to improve your child's health. 

Social media usage - and screen time

Ask them - What's been good today? 

Teaching 7-11 breathing 

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique



Helpful resources for parents 

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