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Therapist Class Plan 

Deep Relaxation for Stress


This course is designed to offer a 1 hour course either live or online. 

Initial welcome onto course 5 minutes 

What is stress and how does it affect us

Breathing Technique 

Clenched Fist Technique 

Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis

Recording for client to listen to after the course 

Brain Illustration
The Brain.... 

A great place to start this is with an explanation of how the brain works during stress. 

Add a downloadable script


This is a great breathing technique to help relieve stress 

Box Breathing 

Breathe in for a count of four

Pause for four count

Breathe out for four count

Pause for four count

Here's a helpful link

Relaxing by the Water

he mere act of clenching, for example, can enhance memory: balling up your right hand activates the left side of your brain, associated with encoding information, while clenching your left triggers your right hemisphere’s recall function.

Making a left fist also focuses your mind when under stress. In a German study, athletes significantly improved their performance in high-pressure situations when they did so. In a process called “hemisphere-specific priming”, the gesture kick-starts regions of your brain linked to mechanical actions, discouraging the kind of over-thinking that can lead to panic.Another paper reported that you can boost your ability to “withstand immediate pain, overcome food temptation, consume unpleasant medicines and attend to… essential information” – all by hacking cognitive processes through the action of clenching your hand muscles. So, when you’re against the ropes, do as the Greatest did and make a good fist of it

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